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“Reassuring, comfortable – A place where you can thrive
A home is all those things. So is Thrive Financial.”

Thrive Financial’s deeply human-focused corporate culture & practice of putting people ahead of products has made us one of the most trusted home and refinance loan brokers in Southern California. Some of our key staff have worked together for decades and been in the mortgage industry since the early 1990s.

Our wealth of experience has culminated in a firm where individualized attention to customers, swift personal responses, and improving the financial outlooks of clients even if it means referring them to other lenders, has top priority.

Our Philosophy

We believe that when you’re dealing with as valuable an asset as your home, you should know more than the current interest rate or best-priced loan product. We want you to move forward knowing you’re on the right financial path for your family and future.

Our priority is to provide you with the attention and information you need to make decisions with confidence.

Your home is where you and your family can thrive. We thrive on making your home possible.

Supporting You

At Thrive Financial, we are not order takers, we are highly skilled technicians. The difference between somebody who’s taking an order and someone who is looking at all the unique circumstances of client and giving consultative approach with a level of skill. We will work with you to learn about your situation and present you with the best options for your circumstances. Our financial technicians understand the nuances within the industry and are taking a look at that puzzle to put the client into the very best product to suit their needs. This attention to the customer needs paired with the extensive lending network we have as a broker creates solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

55 Different Banks and Lenders in Our Network

Understanding our clients‘ situations and providing them with the best possible outcomes is a key goal at Thrive Financial. While some mortgage brokers use a few specific lenders, work with over 55 different lenders which enable us to get the best possible deal for your specific circumstances. We take pride in being able to find the best financial solutions for our clients because we genuinely care about serving them and giving them the knowledge to make informed financial decisions.

Our Approach

Steve Stearns, a Cal State Fullerton honors graduate in Business Administration and a mortgage loan originator since 1992, has a simple philosophy: “Business is just one small aspect of existence,” he says. “To truly succeed in business, you need to have balance in your personal life.” Although Steve considers himself a mathematician and numbers-cruncher, clearly the most important thing to him is his fellow man — his family, friends, colleagues, clients, and the many young people he serves as life coach and mentor.

Meet Our Team

Our team of loan officers don’t measure their success by counting the number of loans they field in a month or a year, but rather by how enthusiastic and confident our clients are about whatever new home loan or refinance product they’ve decided to pursue. Individually selected by branch manager Steve Stearns, a common denominator is that all of them consider “business” secondary to treating people well, rightly, and fairly. Our wealth of experience has culminated in a firm where individualized attention to customers, swift personal responses, and improving the financial outlooks of clients even if it means referring them to other lenders, has top priority.

Steve Stearns

Branch Manager
DRE: 01131215
NMLS: 296512

Chris Stearns

Loan Officer
DRE: 01912948
NMLS: 397556

Vince Ehret

Casey Overton

Loan Officer
DRE: 02211300
NMLS: 2392242

Masyn Avila

Loan Officer
NMLS: 2384234

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